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 Miss M Hankova - School Librarian




Do you believe in magic?

I do and I am always happy to share it with you ... just come and read a story with me ...


Merton is my Home

Your home is where your heart is, at home, school or a special place you can feel loved and safe. No matter what skin colour, religion or nationality you are, we all like to belong somewhere. We at Merton believe and like to show by our Merton values that everyone belongs to our Merton Family. The children made their special houses to share who and what is special to them. 



Travelling with a Passport


It is time to travel! This time we decided in our school library to travel abroad using the passports! Firstly the children filled in their passports with all information about themselves: name, signature, description, picture, age, etc. Also we learned about data protection.


Then they chose and read information books about other countries. They researched and found an interesting fact which then was recorded in their passport. The more countries the children 'visited' the more stamps they earned in their passports. 



The children have been welcoming the new season of SPRING. We have discussed the changes we can see around us and are reading new information books as well as stories about spring.

The children love learning about the life cycle of butterflies as well as writing poems about new life and changes in spring.

We are welcoming Spring to the school library.


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A very special visit from the Mayor and Mayoress

On Tuesday 19th March we were delighted to have a visit from the Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, Councillor David Leeks and his wife, the Mayoress to watch the Year 1 Easter assembly. They also met some of our Year 2 children which included our Pupil Librarians. They enjoyed a lovely 'question and answer' session, talking about their favourite authors, the library and the Popley area.

Pupil Librarians

We are delighted to introduce Darci-Rose and Ziad, Merton Infant School Pupil Librarians. They both absolutely love their jobs and they call their duties FUN! 

Merton Pre School library sessions


Once a week our Merton Pre School children come and join us for a library session. The children learn the library basics.

Special Relative Day

Another busy day in our school library! YR parents and relatives came in for a mini reading session to explore our range of books and to spend some quality time with their little ones. 



We at Merton celebrated  World Book Day in style!

Dressing up or decorating a plain white T-shirt with their favourite character was just the beginning. The children were asked to bring one book for a swap which was a novelty and a great opportunity to bring home a 'new' book without spending any money! 


Then each class teacher was asked to talk to the children about any great events, proud moments, special memories and great opportunities which happened since September. Each class created a class chapter and each class presented them in the library within a mini library session.  

Our Merton Family worked hard to each put together a class story chapter, which we then used to create our beautiful Merton journey book.

Y2 Chineham Library visit


Year 2 enjoyed a visit to Chineham library to explore all the different types of books including fiction, non-fiction and audiobooks. The children had an opportunity to extend their Y2 learning and a broader link how to use the public library. 

The children were encouraged to share their experience with their parents and make library visits a regular family activity from now on. 

SLS visit

Our pupil librarians Darci-Rose and Ziad were very privileged to visit the School Library Service.   The SLS Lead Adviser Bridget Rowley and SLS Adviser Vicki Bennett gave the children a  tour of their library where they learned how important SLS is to our school. They were able to see the range of books available for us and last but not least they picked a couple of books for our Merton Infant School Library. 

The Three Little Pigs

Acting out traditional stories in the library is another way of teaching our children how to express themselves and how to use the English language. 

The children learnt how to sequence the events in the story and the different character roles. Also this way of learning helps to build their confidence as well as being great fun for all. 


Merton Infant School have taken part in evaluating four shortlisted books and selecting an award winner. Prior to voting for their favourite book the children reflected on how democracy within our school and the world work and linked this to our British values. All Y1 children felt absolutely privileged in taking part in this prestigious award. They worked hard with four shortlisted stories all week and they voted for their winner! The children are eager to find out if their favourite author and illustrator were chosen. 

Merton's Tree of Life

We at Merton decided to embrace the changing season of Spring through working together to create a Merton Tree of Life.  Every child within the school came to the library and embodied our Merton value of teamwork. They did this by making pink and green handprints. The children had lots of fun and they achieved a great masterpiece. Whilst doing this, the children were able to discuss the changing seasons and understand what happens in the Spring. We did this through shared reading and looking up facts in books from our library.

Winter Working Wall 

During our mini library sessions we filled in the Winter Working Wall with lots of facts about winter, animals, books, pieces of art and the children loved bringing new ideas every day ...

The children were introduced to alliteration and they loved the challenge to create one in the library.

Winter is not just about Christmas...

The children were very busy reading lots of winter stories and researching winter facts. They learned the facts to share in celebration assembly on 26th January 2024. Well done Y2 children, great TEAM WORK! 


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We welcomed in the New Year and enjoyed the WINTER SEASON!




Winter carries on even after Christmas and even though we are not experiencing the joys of snow in Basingstoke, we are still learning and talking about icicles, snow fights and the importance of bird feeders. We are also learning all about the various winter sports. 

The children have learned how to make a snowman and used their skills to create a beautiful snow man   on paper.

Inspired by books:

Oh, no, Mr. Snowman by Clare Fennell and Nick Page

Snowball by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet



Inspired by story:

Owl's Winter Rescue by Anita Loughrey and Daniel Howarth


The children used their imagination pretending to be in a snow land. We made lots of footprints in the imaginary snow.

Christmas in the Library 


The children enjoyed coming to the library even more discovering the magic of the Christmas stories!

The sparkling Christmas lights are up!

The Christmas decorations designed and made by the children have been displayed for all to see !

The new approach of brainstorming has been introduced! 



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Goldilocks and the Three Bears 



During the library sessions this week our children enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. The adventure started when the children walked through the "deep forest" as the story characters and found the door to the bears' house. The set up in the house was very magical. Three bowls of porridge, three sizes of chairs and the three little beds matching perfectly alongside the story. 

 Winter Warmer ! 


On Monday, the 20th November we hosted a Winter Warmer for our Merton children, their siblings and their parents in our hall, Venezia's Garden and the library. The afternoon was full of exciting reading activities including special guests and an immersive story experience in the library. The children loved acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears story in the library. Parents also had an opportunity to learn a few tips from our amazing SLS advisor Vicki on how to read with their children at home. Our successful event ended by our Y2 star reader Lulu reading to the whole audience which was absolutely fantastic!

Well done Lulu ! 

Reading for Pleasure Y1 

New in Town by Marta Altes  


Y1 children worked really hard recapping the story and making lovely houses to build up a street for Jojo. They decided to share it with everyone too. All of them were so proud of themselves ! Well done ! 


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Remembrance Day in the Library

All the children and staff at Merton contributed to making one big poppy for Remembrance Day  ...

Halloween Spells



Our school library was full of magic all week. We celebrated Halloween by reading lots of witchy books, we learned lots of magic spells and even the spooky spiders were moving around ...  


Magic cosy, Magic dozy ,

Bring more friends and let's get cosy!

Reading for Pleasure

Saving Mr Hoot by Helen Stephens


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We share many new stories every day in our school library which brings the children joy and pleasure. The children have an opportunity to read to the small groups or just to themselves. Very often we read the stories more than once to find more details and to explore the language further. 

This time we read a story called Save Mr Hoot. The children have done lots of activities related to the story, they used different art skills, speaking and listening skills and they performed. We are about to celebrate their wonderful work in our celebration assembly! Well done! 

Our School Library 


Children visit the library once per week and choose either a fiction or non-fiction book to go home to share with parents/carers.  They scan their book using their own library card.  They finish the visit with a story or use the Mighty Writer story board to create and verbalise a story whilst reinforcing their knowledge of sentence structures, nouns, verbs, adjectives including punctuation.

Reading is the most important skill. 


Reading for pleasure. Reading for information. It is the gateway to amazing opportunities in life. Reading gives us the ambition to make a difference, to be the best they can be, to achieve and explore.


Mrs. James

Library Sessions 

In our library sessions we:  

  • share lots of stories and we use our imagination when reading fiction books
  • learn new words and we learn what they mean
  • look for adjectives which can improve our writing 
  • talk about the characters and we learn how to visit new places with them  
  • practice how to find the information in non fiction books
  • we do lots of activities like acting the stories out, changing the endings, writing book reviews and much, much more 

Y1 Chineham Library Visit


 Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Chineham library to explore all different types of books including fiction, non-fiction and audiobooks. The children had an opportunity to extend their Y1 topic Out and About. It also gives the children a broader link how to use the public library. 

The parents are very welcome to take their children to the Chineham library to borrow more books or attend any other activities the library offers. 

Our Reading Corners 


We at Merton love reading! Our reading corners in the classrooms and shared areas are always full of books. The children like to sit down and get lost in the world of stories. They love using their imagination.