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Websites, Filtering and Monitoring

We take our internet use seriously.  We know the potential dangers of the internet, as well as the need for children to access a variety of sites in a safe and secure environment.


Our internet is provided by Harrap ICT, who follows rigorous standards and guidelines.  Through this, we have filtering software (Watchguard) in place.  This software also passes the SWGfL guidelines (see results below).  The school is emailed a daily report of all internet activity which is monitored by the Senior Leadership Team who would evaluate anything unusual.


The children access a range of websites for learning purposes.  These sites are provided by teachers and close supervision is in place to ensure safe surfing and use.  The websites are related to our school curriculum.  It is not possible to list these as the internet is a changing place and new/different sites are used regularly, but always with careful oversight of staff.


Below is our Filtering provider checklist response from Watchguard

SWGFL Results.