Infant School

Aiming High, Achieving Together


At Merton Infant School we believe that all children are entitled to benefit from high quality P.E provision. Our P.E curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to be enjoyed.



The children explore ways of moving and balancing, through floor work. They then apply these movements and balances to small and large apparatus. The children work individually, in pairs and small groups to devise and perform sequences of movements. They perform these sequences to the rest of their class. Children are encouraged to evaluate their own and other children’s work.



Children explore pathways, levels and shapes independently, paired or in small groups while applying their movements to music. Dance sessions are mainly linked to the topics which are taught in each year group.



The children begin to develop skills, through paired and individual activities. They then apply these skills to games such as, hockey, tennis, football and cricket.