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Our Fees

Our fees 

Registration fee: 

To register your child on our waiting list, there is a £15.00 registration fee. This fee covers the registration administration process, and includes a Pre-School t-shirt ( this will be given to you when your child starts). Joining the waiting list, does not guarantee your preferred sessions. If we are unable to offer you our minimum weekly sessions ( 2x 3 hours) you will be refunded your registration fee. However, if you choose not to take the offered sessions, you will not be refunded the fee. 


Hourly rate: 

If you are not entitled to funding for your child, the following hourly rate will apply. 

2 years old : £5.50 per hour

3+ years old:  £5.10 per hour 

Fees are invoiced in advance and must be paid in advance of childcare. 


15 hours free grant for all 3 & 4-year -olds and some 2-year-olds

We accept children aged 2 years old until they are rising 5.

We are a Pre-School which accept the extended flexible entitlement. Your child will need to be 3 years and a term to receive the Early Years Flexible Entitlement (EFE) (e.g. George's 3rd birthday is on 14th February he will receive the entitlement on 1st April).


If you receive certain benefits, DLA or the child in question is under a care order and your child is 2 years old, then you may be able to apply for funding from Hampshire County Council. Please, see this website in order to apply for 2- year  funding:



If your child does receive the EFE or 2-year old funding, you will be given a funding application form to complete. You may use some or all of your entitlement at Merton Pre-School.  You can split your funding between 2 settings. 

If you request more than your free entitlement, you will be charged at the above hourly rate ( according to the age of your child) 


30- hour funding

Children who are over 3 and a term, who have parents who are employed at least 16 hours per week and receive over £120 per week for single parents or £240 for 2 parents, parents can apply for 30-hour funding.   If you would like to find out if you are eligible, please apply on this website: