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Social Skills Group

What is a social skills group?

A social skills group is a series of weekly thirty minute social skills sessions to develop friendship skills, skills for dealing with feelings, turn taking and sharing.


How does a social skills group help?

It provides children with extra time to learn social skills and build confidence with a small group of peers. During the group, social skills are taught using modelling, role-playing, discussion and games/activities.


Who runs the social skills group?

Mrs Bird runs our social skills groups in Year 1 and 2. She liaises regularly with teachers and Mrs Durbajlo, our Inclusion Manager, to discuss progress and check on whether new skills are being transferred into the classroom


Why has my child been chosen?

Your child has been identified by their class teacher as someone who would benefit from a series of social skills sessions. This will help them to make the best possible progress both emotionally and socially.


How long will my child attend the group for?

The children’s progress is reviewed regularly to see how well they are transferring the skills taught into the classroom and playground environment. Some children attend for a few weeks whereas some children need to attend for most of their time at infant school. We work with parents to decide what is best for their child.