Infant School

Aiming High, Achieving Together



  • We ensure that all children receive weekly music lessons that follow the aims set out in the National Curriculum for Music
  • Singing is a powerful tool to aid memory and enhance learning
  • Singing is at the heart of our culture.  We believe that all children can achieve their best in Music



  • Class music lessons are taught weekly in a block
  • There is a weekly Singing Assembly. The children have opportunities to perform throughout the year. These are linked to other subjects e.g. Dance, Geography, Literacy and Maths.
  • We use the published music scheme "Music Express" to develop the teaching of music - it is sequential and has a clearly defined pre-skills/knowledge and end-points, ensuring that knowledge and skills are embedded in children's long term memory.  Repetition and modelling are key elements to learning.
  • Musical vocabulary is reinforced in every lesson to enable children to build up the appropriate responses in discussion work and practical activities.
  • All teaching activities are topic-based, cross curricular and musically diverse.
  • We have after-school Choir Club for talented and able singers.
  • Each year group received specialist music tuition once a term where they are taught to play untuned percussion instruments.
  • The Music Curriculum Manager leads staff meeting and monitors and assesses the teaching of music throughout the school.




  • All children are exposed to the musical elements: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure so that pupils learn important musical vocabulary and develop an understanding of how music has changed throughout history.
  • All staff have excellent subject knowledge to develop high quality teaching and learning.
  • During weekly Singing Assembly lead by the Music Manager - a different song is taught each week and then used for the finale to the whole school's celebration assembly - the songs that are taught are used as a powerful tool to bring a sense of unity to our school where singing forms an integral part of learning and is used every day in every classroom to promote learning.
  • Our school has achieved the Gold 'Sing Up' award for its commitment to singing.
  • The school has received the 'Music Mark' award in recognition of its commitment to providing high quality music education for all children.


Music has an important role in our children's academic and social development and contributes to the all-inclusive ethos of our school. All children have an opportunity to learn a range of percussion instruments; to make music with others; to learn to sing and receive high quality teaching within an exciting curriculum.


We nurture a love of Music and recognise the value of Music as a subject and the contribution it makes to enjoyment and enrichment as well as social benefits and having fun. We are a Gold Sing-Up school and encourage singing in all subject areas.


Each week we listen to a different composer and the children enjoy hearing a wide range of Musical genres, including music from other cultures. Through this the children gain a wide repertoire of musical knowledge.


Music is taught by both the class teacher and a specialist music teacher who develops knowledge of musical elements, composition and listening skills linked to the term's topics including teaching them how to play simple percussion instruments. Throughout the year, the children have lots of opportunities to perform and show their musical skills.