Infant School

Aiming High, Achieving Together



At Merton Infant School we aim to inspire our pupils’ fascination about the world around us and the people living in it. Pupils are equipped with knowledge about different places, resources and natural or human environments. They then apply this knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of the physical and human processes of the Earth. Our curriculum is tailored around the knowledge, understanding and skills required to be a successful geographer.



We teach children about their local area, giving them opportunities to observe and interpret a range of sources such as maps, aerial photographs and their own first hand experiences from field work. Children are taught the differences between their area and other places both in the UK abroad, allowing them to develop their knowledge of the world at different scales: locally, nationally and internationally. Pupils learn the difference between human and physical features, strengthening their understanding and vocabulary. Children analyse how other people and places might be different to what they know and are familiar with, allowing them to make connections whilst considering their rights and responsibilities in the world both towards other people and the environment in which they live.


Geographical Skills and Fieldwork

Throughout each Theme of work, children are taught to use maps of various scales to locate different human and physical features. They are also taught how to create their own maps. Children are given various opportunities to collect data in the field and to analyse and present this using various information systems.


Longitudinal Studies

In each year group children participate longitudinal studies across the school year. This gives children an excellent opportunity to deepen their knowledge of seasonal variations in weather as well as to develop their fieldwork skills when collecting, analysing and evaluating data.