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Nurture Group

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to run a Nurture Group at Merton Infant School. 


What is a Nurture Group?

Nurture groups are set up to help children who are having difficulty settling into school and responding to the demands of daily life in a classroom.


The Nurture Group is based in a classroom with a home corner and an area set aside for formal learning. Children attend for two afternoons per week and return at the end of the school day. They remain part of their mainstream class.


The number of children in a Nurture Group is between 6 and 12 as this allows learning through more informal methods and the development of appropriate social skills.


Why may my child been chosen?

Your child may be identified by their class teacher as someone who would benefit from a Nurture Group to help them make the best possible progress emotionally and socially.


Who will be working with my child?

Our trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) /Nurture Group Assistant Mrs Bird.


How long will my child attend for?

Children usually attend the nurture group between 2-4 terms depending on their individual needs.


The curriculum within a nurture classroom

While it is important that children are working at their developmental level, it is also important that they are covering the work they are expected to for their age related expectations (ARE).


Children who spend time in the nurture group will be working as much as possible to the same learning objectives as their class. This is achieved through practical play based learning.


All Nurture children will participate in a range of activities such as: circle time; snack time; planned activity; golden time and finish with a story.


During circle time the children are encouraged to share their news and feelings.


Snack time provides an opportunity to develop their social skills with their peers, adults and visitors to the group such as friends, parents, other school staff and members of the community.


The involvement of parents in nurture work

Parent/carer collaboration and support is vital and consent is always asked before a child is included in a nurture group.


During the time your child works in this group, there will be an opportunity for parents to visit by invitation of the children.


Mrs Bird will make sure you are kept informed about your child’s progress via their class teacher.

The Nurture Room

Some of the activities which children do within a Nurture session.