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Year 1

School Year 2019 - 2020


Year 1 Curriculum Newsletters for translation



Year 1

Curriculum Newsletter

Marvellous Marwell

Summer 1 2020

Marvellous Marwell is a great topic to explore the world around us and become scientist, geographers, explorers and animal lovers!


Information about Marwell and all the animals they look after can be found on their website


  • Non-Fiction: Fact files/ letters
  • Creative writing
  • Writing sentences using adjectives, connectives, question marks and exclamation marks.



  • Multiplication – arrays and repeated addition
  • Division – dividing into groups of 2, 3 and 4
  • Fractions – finding a quarter of shapes and amounts
  • Geometry – describing whole, half and quarter turns.
  • Time – Reading o’clock, half past and quarter past. Understanding how much time has passed.
  • Locating where we live on a map
  • Naming and locating the 5 oceans and 7 continents
  • Comparing the UK to other country’s climates
  • Seasons
  • Animal habitats
  • What animals eat



  • Singing songs about Animals.
  • Exploring percussion instruments from different cultures.
    RE/PDL (Personal Development Learning)
  • We will focus on Special Places as our RE topic
  • We will focus on ‘Relationships’ as our PDL.
    Design and make an animal mask.
    Food technology
    Making animal shaped biscuits
  • Patterns
  • Landscape wash and silhouettes
  • Animal print



  • Understanding E-Safety
  • Using the internet to research animals
  • Finding locations on a map
  • PE with Joe Wicks
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
    Motivation- Present their animal findings as a factfile
    Excellence- Always trying their best
    Respect- Respecting animals
    Team work- Creating an animal mask with family members
    Opportunities- Learning about exotic animals
    Never give up- Solving problems using Mathletics

Please continue to check the school website for updates, resources and more learning opportunities. If you have any questions please contact the school and we will do our best to get back to you.


Stay safe,

Mrs Hill and Mrs Jones




Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Spring 2 2020

Once Upon a Time…



The children will be learning:

  • To measure and weigh ingredients
  • To investigate length and height
  • To solve addition and subtraction number sentences using our knowledge of place value
  • To solve missing number problems
  • To describe numbers using, tens and ones
  • To solve problems using money
  • The children will be taking part in the Hampshire Picture Book Award. We will be exploring and reviewing different books and voting for our favourite
  • The children will be reading Hansel and Gretel to inspire them to create a character profile and retell the story in their own words
  • We will be reading a range of traditional tales to find out if they all have a happy ending
  • The children will be identifying different materials and exploring their properties
  • They will investigate which material would be the most suitable to act as a roof for the wicked witch’s house



This half term we are looking at the Paschal Candle and exploring from darkness to light.



The children will learn how to care for others.


DT/Food Technology

The children will be making cereal cakes and learning how chocolate changes from solid to liquid and back again.



The children will be studying the artist Orla Kiely and creating their own prints using different materials



The children will be creating and saving art work using laptops.



The children will continue to learn how to play the Bamboo Tamboo with our specialist music teacher


Merton Mission

Read it: As many traditional and fairy tales as you can!

Make it: Design a new front cover for your favourite book.

Do it: Keep a book log to see how many books you can read this half term.


PE Mondays and Wednesday

The children will learn to control a ball with a hockey stick and send it to a target.

They will be developing their fitness and co-ordination through active circuits.




Motivation- Creating a book for the Merton Pre-School

Excellence- Producing excellent pieces of art work.

Respect- Visiting St Bede’s to take part in the Easter Assembly.

Team work - To investigate materials in group work.

Opportunities – Dressing up for world book day

Never give up - To learn a new skills in PE.