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Newsletter No 14

Newsletter 14 – 22nd July 2014


Dear Parents / Carers,


Thank you very much for all your support over the last 12 months.  We have had an extremely successful year, much of which is down to your hard work and support for learning.  As a result, all children have made expected or exceeded progress and achieved excellent standards. 


Thank you for all your kind gifts and well wishes, they are most appreciated.  There will be many ‘changes’ in September.  Please be patient with us!!


End of Key Stage 1 Results

Years 2s have made fantastic progress this year and I am pleased to inform you that we are achieving at least in line with national expectations and above in some areas.  The full results will be available on our website.  A huge WELL DONE to all the Year 2 children and staff for all their hard work.


Level 2B = expected level that a Y2 child should leave Key Stage 1, the Infant School. 

Level 3 = 2 years better than the expected level. 

National figures for 2014 are not yet released.


Level 2B                                 Level 3


School             89% Level 2B+ (2013 = 79%)                        40% Level 3    (2013 = 31%)

National 2013  79%                                                     29%   



School             78% Level 2B+ (2013 = 69%)                        17% Level 3    (2013 = 17%)

National 2013  67%                                                     15%



School             81% Level 2B+ (2013 = 79%)                        26% Level 3    (2013 = 31%)

National 2013  78%                                                     23%


Free School Meals

From September all infant children will be offered free school meals.  Children will have an option of a ‘red’ meal (meat) or ‘green’ (vegetarian).  Alternatively, you may provide a packed lunch if your child prefers. During the holidays, please help us by continuing to teach your child to cut up their own food.  Staff will not have the time to do this if all 225 children decide to have a school dinner.


Dinner Money

Please ensure that all outstanding dinner money is paid by Wednesday, 23 July as it has to be banked and cleared from our payments system before the summer holidays.




We will not be selling uniform during the mornings from September.  Parents will be able to complete an order form and the office staff will contact you when the order is ready for collection and payment.



Sadly we say good-bye to Mr. Cullington who will start a teaching position at Potley Hill Primary School in Yateley in September.  I am sure you will join me in wishing him all the very best in his teaching career.  I know he will go far!!


Lost Property Box

This box is placed in the office porch entrance and is quite full.  Any items not claimed by Wednesday will be sent to a charity shop.


Key dates

23rd July                      1.15pm - Break up

2nd September            INSET

3rd September                         School Starts at 8.45am

                                    YR 8.45 – 12.15pm


On behalf of the Governing Body and staff, I wish you a happy and safe holiday, have a great summer and we look forward to welcoming our YR and Y1 families back in September.  To our Y2 children and parents, we say ‘Good-bye’ and ‘Good Luck’.  You will be greatly missed.



Yours sincerely





Larissa James