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Newsletter 9

Newsletter 9 – 11th March 2014


Dear Parents / Carers,



On Wednesday 5th March there were no late children recorded!! This is fantastic and has never happened in the 7 years I have been Headteacher at Merton!  As a result, each class was awarded a pebble in their class jar towards their class treat. It proves it can be done so please continue to get your child to school on time every day.


Parents’ Evening

Thank you so much for attending last week’s Parents’ Evenings and for your positive comments on many aspects of school life.   It really does make a difference when home and school work in partnership to ensure your child makes the relevant progress.  If you were unable to meet your child’s teacher, please make another appointment with them as soon as possible.


Lunchtime Supervisors

We are looking to recruit three lunchtime supervisors to work 12.00 – 1.15pm each day, term time only.  If you are interested in this role, please see the office staff for an application form.


Friends of Merton

Sadly, there were only three members who attended last week’s meeting.  Without additional members we may have to disband this vital committee.  This will be a great shame for the children.  It is Friends of Merton who organise fundraising events to purchase additional resources for supporting topics, including subsidising school trips, paying for theatre visits at Christmas, planning Halloween and Easter discos and paying for Open Box Theatre, who launch some topics. As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’.  Your child NEEDS you!  Please join and offer your help.



We have noticed that some children do not have sufficient playtime at lunchtime because they take so long to eat their lunch, especially children who have packed lunches.  In light of this and in order to accommodate more children from September, we are trialling new logistics at lunchtimes.  Children will have half an hour only to eat their lunch leaving a good half hour to burn off their energy and further enhance their physical development.  YR will eat lunch at 12.00 until 12.30pm then play until 1.00pm.  Y1 & 2 will eat lunch at 12.15 – 12.45pm then play until 1.15pm.  The end of eating time will be signalled by a whistle and children will be dismissed to the playground.  Lunchtime Supervisors will check children have eaten sufficiently before being dismissed.  Please ensure that children’s lunchboxes are not overloaded.  This new routine will also enable Hampshire Caterers to clean the hall ready to be used at 1.00pm for PE or Music lessons or clubs.



Children love to chase each other at playtimes. When being ‘caught’, accidents can happen and some children have scratch marks due to other children’s long, jagged fingernails.  Please can you regularly cut and clean your child’s nails to avoid others being upset.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.




Yours sincerely



Larissa James