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Language of the Half Term

At Merton Infants we  celebrate different Languages and Cultures each half term. We have already learned about India, Italy, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Africa, Canada, South Africa and Brazil. A big thank you to all the parents who have come in and supported the launch assemblies, demonstrating the language for us to copy, alongside their children.


During spring 1 2019 we are learning about Poland! Not only will we find out all about the culture of Poland, we will learn a few useful phrases and words to answer the register and say "please" and "thank you."


We really enjoy learning about the cultures of other countries. Below are some of our highlights from previous years.

Summer 1 2017

Our Young Interpreters voted for Spain as our language of the half term. They will support Miss Fellhauer in delivering an assembly to the children to learn all about Spain.


We learnt how to say hello, goodbye, good morning and good afternoon in Spanish. We also learnt that Spain is part of Europe and discovered the Spanish national emblems and flag. 


We had lots of fun eating Spanish food during our Spanish day at school.

Spring 1 2015

Welcome back to the Spring term. We have an African project this term. We looked at Africa as a whole continent and each class now has to choose a country to investigate and create a project about. We are looking forward to their presentations at the end of term.

If you are from Africa or have relatives in Africa and would like to support our learning by coming and talking to a class -or bring some pictures or artefacts for them to see - that would be wonderful, thank you.


Because there are so many different languages in Africa, I have chosen to use Swahili as our language of the month - as it is the language used in our link school in Uganda.

Autumn 2 2014

This half term we will be exploring the language, culture and customs of Italy. The launch assembly is on November 6th at 10.10am.

Autumn Term 2014

This first half term we found out more about our own country -England. Because most of us already speak good English, we learned about a sign Language called "Makaton."

We used our hands to sign "please" and "thank you", "hello", "good" and "very good!" We also answered the register in sign language and enjoyed using it to enhance our singing!

Summer 1 2014

In the first half of the Summer term 2014 we learned about India. Niyati and her father helped lead the assembly and taught us how to speak Telugu, which is one of the regional languages in India.

Summer 2 - 2014

This second half of the summer term we have been learning about the country, customs and language of Germany. Herr Dittrich came to help introduce the German language to us in assembly. You can see all the things we have learned in the the Power Point below.

Spring 2 2014

We are currently finding out about Slovakia, with the help of Miss Hankova and some of the children. We have looked at lots of artifacts and learned some Slovak words like "Ahoj" (pronounced Ahoy!) which means "hello"