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Hawk Owls Y2

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School Year 2022- 2023


We are so looking forward to the year ahead

Information for parents

PE days: Monday and Wednesday

All items in PE kits should be clearly named.

Please make sure jewellery is removed before coming to school. Long hair needs to be tied up.


Daily Tasks

Reading and keywords

Spelling practise

Counting forwards and backwards to 100 and in steps of 2, 5, 10


Spelling Bee

Rocket Phonics Reading


Please also check Google Classroom regularly for more learning opportunities

Spring 1 - The Lady and the Lamp


This half term the children will be travelling back in time and learning about the ‘Lady with the lamp’ Florence Nightingale and why she is one of the most famous women in British history. The children will explore and understand how hospitals and our lives have changed since the 1800’s. 


We will be looking at the traditional fairy tale - Little Red Riding Hood creating wanted and missing posters and writing letters of thanks to someone from the story in addition to someone in the NHS or who has helped them. 


In Maths we are looking at multiplication, division, fractions and time. We will be exploring our times tables and will continue with our weekly spellings. Our weekly spelling reflect the spelling rules that we are currently learning in class. 


Art we are going to be exploring Pablo Picasso, using different mediums and shapes that can be used to create a final piece using cubism. 


During our science and PE lessons we are going to be learning how to keep our bodies healthy. This will be linked with all areas of their learning in these and other lessons. 

Autumn 2 - Let's Explore: The Rainforest. 


In this half term the children will be continuing their investigation into the different climates and reaches of our Planet. Using inspirational speeches from; Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and key note speakers at this years COP27, the children will be writing persuasive letters to other children and adults to change the way we look after our planet. 

The children will be looking at fictional  stories of "A Rang-Tan in my bedroom" and "Greta and the Giants" in addition to non fiction texts around the Rainforest and our planet to build their knowledge for their writing. 

Iceland Advert - There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom

There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom book

World Book Day's offering sees a book in partnership with Greenpeace and Iceland (the supermarket not the country). It sees an orangutang come and stay with a little girl and cause chaos but why did she come to stay with her in the first place? Narrated by Anne James.

Greta and the Giants [Children's story | Read Aloud]

Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood'

Watch Greta speak to an audience of adults about climate change and how we are not looking after our planet.

Autumn 1 - Lets Explore: Frozen Planet


In this first half term we will be exploring the Frozen aspects of our planet Earth. We'll be looking at Ernest Shackleton's Journey to the Antarctic and how he used our school values of 'Never give up' and 'Teamwork' to survive. Using our Geography skills we'll explore the Oceans and the Continents and to look at how the climates change.  We'll explore the lives of penguins understanding how the survive in these conditions. 


Launching our topic will be a message from David Attenborough asking us to think of ways we can spread a message about looking after our planet.

Blue Penguin

Petr Horacek reads his picture book Blue Penguin, published by Walker Books 2015