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Year R Curriculum Newsletter

Summer 1

Time to Rhyme


Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed the Easter Break.  Our topic this term is ‘Time to Rhyme.’ We will be looking at books written by Julia Donaldson including; The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and The Smartest Giant in Town.  We will be launching our topic with a letter from the author asking us to create a brand new character for her books. Our landing will be making a tasty Gruffalo Crumble to eat at our class rhyming party. 

As the weather is improving, we will be going outside for some of our PE lessons. Please ensure your child has named sensible shoes in their PE kit.


Physical Development

  • Dance
  • Games
  • Balancing                 
  • Climbing
  • Fine Motor skills for letter and number formation



  • Ordering and measuring by size, weight and length
  • Using language such as greater, smaller, heavier or lighter to compare quantities
  • Counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s forwards and backwards
  • Ordering and sequencing familiar events
  • Exploring and describing 3D shapes.
  • Adding and subtracting using a number line.
  • To talk about, recognise, and recreate simple patterns



  • Recapping digraphs in our phonics
  • Reading and writing CVC ,CVCC and CCVC  words
  • Identifying rhyme
  • Writing an invitation
  • Writing simple instructions
  • Using adjectives
  • Creating a list of ingredients


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Silhouette pictures using charcoal
  • Designing and creating an imaginary creature
  • Singing the Gruffalo Song


Understanding the World

  • Looking at and creating shadows
  • Observing the changes in the seasons throughout the year
  • Finding out about authors and what they do
  • Making Gruffalo Crumble and seeing how the ingredients change
  • Sharing experiences of special people and recognising that Jesus is special to Christians
  • To understand and know what makes a good relationship
  • Learning how to log on to a computer


Homework Challenge

  • Do it: Visit Alice Holt and go on the Gruffalo Trail
  • Make it: Make a paper plate monster for a new book
  • Read it: Any Julia Donaldson books


Learning Values

M – Motivation: To read lots of Julia Donaldson stories to develop ideas to create a new character

E – Excellence: To create a character to inspire Julia Donaldson to write a new book
R – Respect: To look after story books and to always handle them with care

T – Teamwork: To organise a class party

O – Opportunities: To be given the opportunity to read and listen to lots of stories with rhymes
N – Never Give Up: To practise reading and writing rhyming strings


Mrs Estlea

EYFS leader

Music Curriculum Manager


Mrs Silk