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Year 2

Lost in Space

     Year 2 Summer 1 2019


For our topic this half term the children will be travelling into outer space to learn all about the Solar System.

Launch: The children will receive a video from Andre the Astronaut.

Landing: Parents are invited to attend a space buggy workshop with their children in their classrooms on Thursday 23rd May at 1:30pm. If you have any junk modelling you could donate for this cause we would be most grateful.


  • Poetry
  • Story/fiction writing
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Past and present tense
  • Conjunctions
  • Pronouns  (I, they, we, he, she)



  • Recall 2,3,5,10 multiplication tables
  • Recognise, and find fractions of a shape and an amount
  • Inverse relationship between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Solve word problems



  • Exploring a healthy and balanced diet.


  • Designing and making a space buggy using a range of materials.
  • Joining and assembling components



  • Study the school geography and create a map with a key.
  • Use simple compass directions (N, S, E,W).
  • Compare human and physical features of the school and Popley



  • The moon landing in 1969 and Tim Peaks’ visit to space in 2016



  • Creating a solar system picture using chalk, charcoal and pastels to create texture through smudging.


  • Special Books
  • Understanding what makes something special


Many children are not reading at home and are therefore at risk of falling behind. Please remember to read as often as you can with your child and log it in their diary.

Homework Task

To research and create a planet leaflet. What do they look like? What are they called? Can you remember the planets in order? Due on the 23rd May.


Larissa James – Headteacher

Miss Bennett – Maths and Computing Curriculum Manager

Mrs Epstein – Science and RE Curriculum Manager